Fashion Inspired Room Decor

Dilemma:  You want to spruce up your home decor but you don’t know where to start.  Well, inspiration is everywhere!  One of my favorite places to find décor inspiration is in my closet.  That’s right… behind the doors of my packed closet are racks full of some of my favorite colors, patterns and textures. When I see a runway look or a piece in my favorite clothing store I often covet it like a fine piece of art and envision the ways I can style it.  So where better to start getting ideas for my home than inside this already curated gem?

It can take years to develop your true fashion style… remember what you were wearing in high school?  I’m sure you’re still trying to forget.  So then it isn’t hard to imagine it can take you a while to find the décor perspective you won’t look back on and cringe at.  Try and translate some of your favorite looks from your closet into some equally crave-worthy interior design.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started making the most of the design inspiration already in your closet…

Your plan of attack:  It’s important to remember you need to start with a plan and a well-thought out vision.  Pick one space within your home.  It doesn’t need to be an entire room – it can be part of a room such as the sitting area in your living room.  Then choose either a favorite outfit or a couple favorite individual pieces to start with.  Use these pieces as your inspiration and develop a color palette and cohesive plan.

Wall color:   Make sure when choosing colors for a wall you pick a color you can live with every day… something calming.  You are less likely to want to change a loud and vibrant color.  A good way to do this is by pulling a cool or neutral color from one of your inspiration pieces.

Patterns:  Items composed of fabric are a great place for patterns – your bedding, rugs, throw pillows, curtains and lamp shades.  This is a place where you can really “bring in the bold.”

Accessories: Let an outfit’s accessories inspire smaller pieces in your room.  Jewelry – Your favorite gold or turquoise necklace can be translated into a color palette for frames, candle sticks and other knickknacks.  Shoes, belts and handbags – Tassles on your loafers can translate into tie-backs for curtains. Studs on your favorite belt can turn into a studded chair.  The shade of red on the bottom of your favorite soles can become a shade of red in a piece of art.  Textured pebbled brown leather on that handbag you saved four months to buy can become the inspiration for that ottoman you’ve been planning on recovering.

Details:  It’s all in the details!  Small details can be huge design inspirations.  An easy approach is to take a simple detail and search the internet for different photographs.  For instance you can search “brass studs and home decor” if using the studs on a belt as inspiration.  I promise you will receive an overwhelming amount of ideas to choose from!

Hopefully these visuals have inspired you.  Don’t blame me if you never look at your wardrobe the same again!

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